Teams ( Sea Staff & Office )

Senior officers serving at sea in the ranks of Master and Chief Engineer are mainly INDIAN These officers are employed on contracts of employment provided by off-shore companies who are in some cases owned or associated with the ship owning companies. Many having started their careers as Cadets within these companies. Their knowledge, experience and professional competence in the trade is seen as an extremely valuable asset and highly appreciated by the Owners and especially the Chatterers.

With a team of highly skilled professionals, UNI Atlantic bay Ship Management has the necessary skills and expertise to operate all types of dry cargo, cellular container and feeder vessels.

Our key strength lies in our ability to blend traditional engineering and management skills with modern technology to address the current requirements in ship management.

Our Technical management team aims at providing optimum service to ship owners to ensure that their vessels are operational round the clock with near zero off hire time. Our ship staff is well trained and motivated to maintain their vessel and its machinery in peak operational condition with prudent use of spares and stores